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Protect your logo and branding thoroughly

We helped another client win a case to invalidate an unlawfully registered trademark. Store Invent, an inventory of goods and assets, sought to invalidate a trademark owned by a third party misusing its corporate logo. The client only became aware of the fact that the company logo had been registered as a trademark by a […]

The biggest amendment on foreclosures in the last 20 years

At least that is how some, especially politicians, refer to the latest amendment to Act No. 120/2001 Coll., on Bailiffs and Enforcement Activity (the Enforcement Code), which was published in the Collection of Laws under No. 286/2021 (the “Amendment”).  The Amendment is extensive, so in this article we do not seek to comment on it in […]

DELTA legal helped leading developer CTP buy a modern industrial area of the former spinning mill

DELTA legal advised CTP on the purchase of a 100% share in RENWON, a company operating a storage and production facility in Chrastava in northern Bohemia near the borders with Germany and Poland.    “This project is a breakthrough for us,” senior associate Veronika Chrobok said. “It is the first time we have used our painstakingly developed in-house automated document generation system in a transaction. It proved to […]

Watch out for the end of the transitional period of benevolence in medical device advertising

On 26 May 2021, an amendment to the Advertising Regulation Act came into force, significantly tightening the rules for advertising medical devices. We have written about the new regulation, for example, here. However, medical device advertising created or disseminated under contracts entered into before 26 May 2021 was granted a six-month exemption from the new rules, ending on […]

In September, we organized an online sale-and-leaseback conference

We are increasingly working with property owners on sale and leaseback as a form of raising finance to grow their business.  We shared our experience from past projects (e.g. the acquisition of the Technology Centre Písek) at an online conference held on 22 September 2021 in cooperation with epravo.cz, tax advisors from TPA and the […]

Business breakfast over HR topics

The year has come and gone, and on 23 September 2021, we could once again hold an employment law breakfast in our law firm. Our colleague, Jiří Gorčík, has cooked up interesting topics again: remuneration, overtime, and inspections by labour inspectorates.   During the HR Brunch, Jiří talked about how to maintain a level playing field around remuneration, how to proceed with […]

Sale-and-leaseback, an online conference for investors

An online conference entitled “Sale-and-leaseback in Practice from the Perspective of Attorneys, Financial Advisors and Investors” will be held on 22 September 2021 from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. The event is organized in cooperation with epravo.cz. You can register for the event here.  The conference is in Czech and you can receive an English summary […]

Advertising agencies take note! The advertising preparer is responsible for the compliance of the advertisement with the law

Stricter regulation of healthcare advertising has been in force since the end of May. This applies in particular to medical devices, such as eyeglasses, nose drops, prosthetic devices, cough lozenges, patches and medical technology. However, some seemingly ordinary products, such as cosmetics or other “health-targeted” products, may also be affected by the new rules.    Veronika Chrobok and Denisa Bučilová have prepared a seminar for […]

DELTA legal provided legal services to the PSYRES Foundation for the iTrip App

The Psychedelics Research Foundation (PSYRES) created a unique mobile app, iTrip, to assess psychedelic experiences and provide valuable data for research and user safety. This is thanks to the voluntary collaboration with expert researchers, psychiatrists and psychologists from Charles University, the National Institute of Mental Health, the Czech Psychedelic Society and others. DELTA Legal advised […]

AVENTIN Group completes Shopping Jihlava

Together with our client, we celebrated the opening of an important development project – the Jihlava Shopping Centre, which took more than 15 years to complete. Aventin Shopping Jihlava will create about 400 jobs and provide more than 26,000 square metres of retail space. It is one of the largest centres of this type in […]