Business breakfast over HR topics

The year has come and gone, and on 23 September 2021, we could once again hold an employment law breakfast in our law firm. Our colleague, Jiří Gorčík, has cooked up interesting topics again: remuneration, overtime, and inspections by labour inspectorates.  

During the HR Brunch, Jiří talked about how to maintain a level playing field around remuneration, how to proceed with overtime and how to behave during an inspection by labour inspectorates. He always works with examples from practice and current case law, trying to present the pros and cons of individual procedures when communicating with employees, labour inspectorates and other state authorities in an understandable and interesting way. 

Thank you to all participants of the HR Brunch event and we look forward to the next meeting. Follow our Facebook, LinkedIn and website for more interesting events and news.  

If you need advice about employment law or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact Jiří Gorčík or your contact person at our law firm. 



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