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International cases2023-11-30T17:38:19+01:00

We work with law firms around the world every day. We offer comprehensive international legal advice in almost all world jurisdictions.

If you have a question about international consulting, please contact us.

Intellectual property law2023-11-30T17:38:57+01:00
  • license, franchising
  • Copyright
  • trademarks
  • industrial rights
  • data protection
  • internet and security
  • digital marketing and advertising law
  • pre-insolvency counseling
  • management responsibility
  • agreements binding creditors and debtors (standstill)
  • pre-insolvency restructuring
  • representation in insolvency proceedings
  • representation in creditor bodies
Conflict solving2023-11-30T17:40:33+01:00
  • preliminary assessment of disputes and conciliation
  • judge and arbitration
  • tax disputes
  • administrative court proceedings
  • enforcement proceedings
Family law2023-11-30T17:41:06+01:00
  • divorce/dissolution of registered partnership
  • settlement of joint property of spouses
  • adjustment of relations with children
  • maintenance obligation of the spouse/divorced spouse
Non-financial regulatory affairs2023-11-30T17:41:30+01:00
  • the law of protection of economic competition
  • personal data and data protection
  • public contracts and concession law
  • administrative management
  • export restrictions
Pharmaceutical law2023-11-30T17:41:49+01:00
  • regulatory affairs
  • patent disputes
  • advertisement
  • internal compliance regulations
  • contracts with business partners
Health care law2023-11-30T17:42:12+01:00
  • authorization, compliance
  • transfers of private medical practices
  • legal advice on routine matters
  • resolution of health care reimbursement disputes
  • liability and compensation for personal injury
Banking, finance and financial regulation2023-11-30T17:42:34+01:00
  • credit and collateral documentation
  • work-out and debt collection
  • retail products, general terms and conditions
  • establishment of funds
  • regulatory affairs of financial and capital markets (insider trading, market abuse, issues of permits and EU passporting)
  • insurance industry
  • representation in proceedings before the CNB
Labor law2023-11-30T17:42:53+01:00
  • employment contracts
  • internal regulations and directives
  • termination of employment relationships
  • labor law disputes
  • collective bargaining
  • employment of foreigners
  • discrimination
Real estate2023-11-30T17:43:26+01:00
  • mergers and acquisitions (acquisition and sale of land, building rights, buildings, other real estate and their portfolios, shares in companies and real estate funds)
  • insurance of legal title (title insurance) and shares in companies (dual title), warranty insurance (warranty insurance)
  • acquisition and project financing
  • leases, leases, easements (including sale and leaseback, post-build leases, “green building” leases)
  • real estate management
  • conflict solving
  • debt collection
  • structuring of real estate projects, including fund structures
  • development projects (work contracts and construction contracts)
  • intellectual property rights (contracts with architects and license agreements)
  • issues of public law regulation (territorial and construction management, PPP projects)
  • environmentally friendly properties (green buildings)

Slovak Desk

DELTA legal’s Slovak Desk is comprised of Slovak lawyers who are also members of the Czech Bar Association. Our double-certified Slovak lawyers have deep knowledge of the Slovak and Czech legal systems and extensive business practice in both countries. We offer a two-way service: to Czech and international clients requiring legal services related to Slovak law and also to Slovak clients who need advice on Czech law. Our international clients in both countries appreciate the excellent quality legal advice provided under one roof in Prague.

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