We are delighted to announce that DELTA legal has further expanded its commitment to supporting non-profit projects by collaborating with yet another important initiative: the successful children’s sports club Astra Klánovice. Operating since 2014, it offers children sports activities in two sections: rhythmic gymnastics plus aesthetic group gymnastics and rope skipping. It currently has more than 170 active members aged 3 to 20, including children significantly affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Children can choose between a competitive club with training sessions two to four times a week and recreational training, where the doors are open to all. The children regularly participate in competitions at the national level and repeatedly achieve great success.

In addition to regular trainings, Astra Klánovice also offers summer camps or participation in day camps and workshops. It is a member of the Czech Sports Union, the Czech Rhythmic Gymnastics Association and the Czech Association of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.

The spirit of sportsmanship permeates our firm and we are delighted to contribute to the association. Under the guidance of Ivana Antoňů and its top coaches, the association not only provides children with meaningful leisure and develops their sports competencies, but also fosters mutual tolerance and support.

News from the activities of the association and competitions can be found on Instagram.

Astra Klánovice is now rightly among the interesting projects that we have been helping for a long time, such as  the Czech National Trust, the Aphasia Club and the Divoch theatre company.

For more information, please contact Veronika Chrobok.