Corporate Social Responsibility

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At DELTA legal we are aware of our social responsibility. That’s why we seek to do business in a way that is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. We proudly uphold the 10 universal principles of the United Nations (UN Global Compact) relating to human rights, the environment, fair employment and the fight against corruption in our policies and procedures.

We apply this through our values, principles and practices relating to the environment, our suppliers, employees and professional standards and in the services provided by us and our clients.

We strive to build long-term trust and integrity in our relationships with clients, suppliers and within our firm. We emphasize human rights in employment and business relationships, rejecting any form of discrimination, actively avoiding conflicts of interest, fighting for the retention of confidentiality and trust between the client and the attorney. Besides national law, in our activities we adhere to the regulations of the Czech Bar Association and its code of ethics, as well as the code of ethics for lawyers in the European Union.

We realize the importance of environmental protection for current and future generations and compliance with the principles of sustainable development. We are taking steps to reduce the production of waste and use environmentally friendly technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our services and to support initiatives in this direction, while raising awareness of their importance.

We expect the same principles and similar procedures from our suppliers.

That this is more than just words can be seen in the wide variety of our CSR and pro bono activities listed below:

Agreement to perform work: will premiums provided after the amendment to the Labour Code always benefit the employee? What are the new limits for insurance contributions and withholding tax?

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