Are you seeking to protect your company’s logos, brand, ideas and know-how while differentiating your business and guarding against potential exploitation by competitors? Do you want to be sure that you are not infringing third-party copyrights? Unsure of where to begin?

IP Scan is the right service for you. It has been designed to diagnose your company’s intellectual property, and the EU is now offering an interesting subsidy to support this initiative.

Why should you use it?

  1. As part of the IP Scan, a certified expert will review your business from the standpoint of intellectual property rights. They will help you understand what assets are appropriate to protect, how you can use your intellectual property for further growth, and what to avoid.
  2. Based on our experience, consistent prevention pays off in the field of intellectual property more than anywhere else. Correctly set up processes will protect you from damage to your brand’s reputation, lawsuits for infringement of other people’s rights, the costs of forced rebranding or the loss of business opportunities.
  3. You will gain a competitive advantage in a market where the value of intellectual property is still underestimated.
  4. In addition, until 6 December 2024, you can apply for a subsidy to perform this service.

How does an IP Scan work?

Based on your answers from the questionnaire and the subsequent personal interview, we will analyse your business model from the point of view of intellectual property. We identify places that deserve your attention, and rights or assets that can be protected. We will warn you of possible risks. We will recommend protection options and propose further strategies. This may include recommendations for trademark or domain registration, conclusion of non-disclosure agreements and modification of contracts with employees or suppliers. We will process our findings and recommendations in a concise report, ensuring clarity and practicality.


As this is a service with EU financial support, you must first apply for an IP Scan directly to the Industrial Property Office (UPV). We will be happy to help you with your application. The UPV will then assign an expert qualified to provide this service to your case. Selected attorneys from our office also have the necessary certification. Once a non-disclosure agreement has been concluded, the designated expert can get straight to work.


The price of the IP Scan service is set uniformly for the entire Czech Republic and amounts to EUR 900. However, until 6 December 2024, small and medium-sized enterprises can apply for an IP Scan grant from the EUIPO and recover 90% of the costs, i.e. EUR 810. As a result, they will pay only EUR 90 for the IP Scan. Small and medium-sized enterprises usually comprise all companies with fewer than 250 employees and turnover of no more than EUR 50 million.

If you have been putting off diagnosing your intellectual property, there’s no need to hesitate any longer!


We will be happy to provide you with more information about the entire process. If you are interested, please reach out to your contact person in our office or to Veronika Chrobok.

This document is only a general communication and does not constitute legal advice on a specific matter.

This article was written by Veronika Chrobok.