We are strengthening our international activities, which is why, as members of Interlaw, we could not miss its three-day global conference.

Like every year, it was mostly about sharing “hot” legal topics and the interconnection of knowledge across all corners of the world.  In addition to discussing current issues and the latest legal innovations, interesting workshops were also on the agenda, accompanied by informal meetings with lawyers from various fields around the world. The whole programme concluded with a fascinating conference about the enforcement of foreign court rulings in China.

“I am very glad that there is an opportunity for a global connection in our profession and that our law firm can be a part of it,” said Michal about his visit to Beijing. “The biggest benefit of these conferences is certainly learning about other approaches to addressing legal issues. It’s always very encouraging and motivating to talk with colleagues from other countries and discover new information. In addition to all the advantages that the event will bring mainly to clients, it is always nice simply to establish new contacts with people who are interested in the same field as you.”

He added that there were indeed plenty of new experiences of all kinds this time around, given the exotic locale.

Interlaw is a leading international network of independent law firms that includes over 7,500 lawyers based in more than 150 cities around the world. It offers clients from all corners of the world the highest quality cross-border legal advice and their services cover all key areas and markets globally. The network has been recognized every year with prestigious awards, and in 2019 they were named the Top Ranked Elite Network for Europe, Canada, South America and the world. In 2020, they won the Leading Law Firm Network: The Elite and Top Ranked Elite Law Firm Network.

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