At DELTA legal, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with our clients. We are happy to be by your side not only when dealing with tricky legal issues, but also in a more relaxed atmosphere and to support you through your successes. This was also the case on Saturday, September 9, when our partners attended two events organized by our clients. Jiří Absolon was present at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Hrabyně Social Services Centre, while Michal Zahradník and Pavel Fára represented us at netball and table tennis tournaments organized by TJ Sokol Lety.

The Hrabyně Social Services Centre, which plays an irreplaceable role and provides support to people with physical disabilities and reduced self-sufficiency, celebrated 50 years since its foundation. On this occasion, it put together an enjoyable day with a rich cultural program for its clients and partners. On behalf of our entire office, Jiří Absolon was able to wish the centre and its management and staff much strength, support and funding for many more successful years to come.

Meanwhile, on a hot day at TJ Sokol Lety, Michal Zahradník and Pavel Fára worked up a sweat, representing our firm’s athletic spirit in the sports tournament. While the netball competition did not end successfully for our newcomers to this sport, Pavel Fára did better in his favourite table tennis, which he dominated. As always, everyone involved enjoyed the cheerful and friendly atmosphere, which will surely keep us coming back again and again!

Many thanks to both of our clients for inviting us!

The Hrabyně Social Services Centre was established in 1973 and provides support and assistance through residential social services to citizens with physical disabilities over the age of 18 who have reduced self-sufficiency and whose life situation due to severe physical disability requires regular assistance.

Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Lety is a long-running sports club in Lety, offering its adult and child members a wide range of activities such as tennis, volleyball, netball, fencing and sauna.