We understand the importance of active rest to keep our minds fresh to tackle your projects. That’s why the DELTA legal sports day took place on Friday, 16 June, with the whole office heading to the facility of long-term partner TJ Sokol Lety, which prepared a number of sports for us to try, many of us for the first time.

The most popular event was definitely air rifle target shooting. Office managing partner Michal Zahradník won, but many other competitors were hot on his heels! Other favourites included a practical fencing demonstration by a professional trainer and an exhausting tabata workout. The women in the office played tennis, while the men tried out boxing, and everyone took part in more relaxing sports like netball or ping-pong.

Our cohesion and ability to complement each other is what our clients appreciate about us, and we are glad that we can continue to build and strengthen those qualities through events like this.

Sokol Lety is a long-running sports club in Lety, offering adult and child members a wide range of activities such as tennis, volleyball, netball, fencing and sauna.